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May 6, 2012

NewgeN Living is eN Living

NewgeN Living is eN Living

Youth today has become identity-less cultural orphans.

You guys stand as policy orphans, identity orphans, and cultural orphans. One side it is unfortunate that you have become cultural orphans, the other side in a way it is fortunate, you can easily be led to enlightenment, you can move towards enlightenment.

Basically, eN living is NewgeN living. Enlightened living is NewgeN living.


In the Upanishad, we have a very beautiful definition – “Kaivalya” – means established in aloneness, completely happy in your very aloneness. In your very aloneness being joyful. No need to bring anything from outside world to excite you. You are there in joy, in ecstasy.

eN Living is NewgeN Living!

All over the country I want Akhadas to happen – means the place where people practice the techniques for Yogic body and Vedic Mind; understanding the relationship issues, not just relationship with people, but relationship with the whole.

I want the Newgen to be completely stable and established about

– their identity with themselves, experientially,

– about their identity with the people with whom you are living,

– about your identity with the human society and the universe.


NewgeN, It’s my only hope. Next generation should be new generation or it is going to be degeneration.

Be a Nada Yogi, having Yogic Body, Vedic Mind, eN Living

If next generation is not new generation, humanity is not going to have any more generations because we have reached the possibility of destruction, peak of destruction. If two mad people, even if one mad person becomes the head of one atomic power country, that is enough, humanity will disappear. Planet earth won’t be there. Ball is missing from the court.

If you want to keep this beautiful planet for the next generation, next generation has to become new generation. We have to become yogis, Nada yogis. Nada Yogis mean having Yogic body and Vedic mind.


Human civilization has to understand its responsibility towards your happiness. Your happiness, your stress-free, joyful living really matters to you, your world, and the universe. Do not compromise that for anything in this world. Decide to live your freedom.

Please understand, your happiness is not just a choice, you can have it or you may not have it. No.
Your happiness, you being productive is an important thing necessary for humanity now.

Because your depression causes too much for the country and the humanity. Your depression, you not understanding, you being misguided causes the country too much. Misguided two, three youths can cause so much chaos to the society.

So, take the first step towards the next generation. Become a NewgeN, inspired, empowered, and engaged.

Move from being an identity-less cultural orphan to establishing yourself in your highest identity.

Start eN Living, be a Nada Yogi!

Pick Your Vedic Word

Akhada –  Akhada is a place where people practice the techniques for Yogic Body and Vedic Mind.

Yogic Body – A body which has 5 components. 1. Strength. 2. Flexibility 3. Stamina 4. Physique. 5. Energy. When you own your body and design it as you want with yoga into a healthy and blissful body it is a Yogic Body.

Vedic Mind – The mind based on vidya (right knowledge), which does not bring suffering to you is the Vedic mind.



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