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Aghori – Do It Simply

May 3, 2012

Energy Right Here, Right Now

All that Exists is Energy - Paramahamsa Nithyananda

5000 years before, the Upanishads say:
Isha Vaasyam Idam Sarvam – All that exists is energy.
Today, Nuclear physics says E=MC2 – Matter is Energy, Energy is Matter.

The last statement of science is the first statement of spirituality.
Both say the same thing.
Both say that everything is energy.

Energy is around you everywhere, every place; all the time.
There is a very small practice that you can do to understand this.


Aghori – Simply Do It Technique

For atleast 15 mins a day, walk around outside or even inside your house and see nothing as an object. See everything as living energy.

When you look at a computer, see it as energy.
When you look at a passerby, see him as energy.
Nothing should remain before your eyes, behind your eyes or to the side of your eyes as an object.

Everything is energy.
Do this, and you will understand.

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Upanishad – Scriptures that form the essence of the ancient texts of the Vedas, the revelations of Truths. Literally means “sitting with the Master”. There are 11 main Upanishads that have been commented on by the Enlightened Master, Adi Shankara.


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