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June 26, 2012

Imagination v/s Dreaming

Question – What is the difference between Imagining and dreaming?


Imagination and dreaming….

They are two different things. Imagination is different from dreaming. Imagination is like creating your own future. The word ‘creating’ here means that not only do you imagine, but you also start working for it.

If you imagine yourself just floating in the sky, it is a dream because you cannot float in the sky without an aid. Imagining that which cannot happen, just fantasizing, is in no way going to help you. Imagining what can happen in a creative way is going to help you. Creative visualization will always help you.

Dreaming is just fantasizing about you future.

Just dreaming and fantasizing is in no way going to help you. I have seen people fantasizing about being with a great actor and actresses. That is not going to help you in any way.

But imagining your own steps, leading you to where you are going to reach, is of great help as it will lead you to the goal.

Imagination can not stand still. It can either take you to higher and higher levels of spiritual growth or it can pull you down. If imagination is used by you to liberate you it is called meditation. If it is used to create more and more bondage in you it is called mind.

Please take the decision ‘now here or nowhere’; imagine and create or just dream!



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