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August 28, 2012

Shocking Beauty of Master

Question – For some reason, each time that I see You, I am shocked by Your beauty. I think that You are the most beautiful being that has ever happened! In what way do You experience Your own beauty?

Avatar Answer –

Actually, there is no way to experience your own beauty. If the beauty is physical, then there are ways to know it. You could look in the mirror and see your own reflection.

If the beauty is coming out of your silence; if it is being reflected from within, then it does not belong to your physical body. Then it is not physical at all; you cannot know it yourself because this beauty cannot be reflected in a mirror. You cannot see the beauty of silence through a mirror. It can only be experienced.

There is one thing you must be made clear on:
The beauty that you see in me is not my own. It is not mine at all. It is everyone’s. It is a part of Existence. There are so many different bodies, but within, we are the same. The inner fire is the same. When you start radiating this flame, a certain grace starts happening. It is a beauty that cannot be described because it is from a different dimension altogether.

So, if you are able to see my beauty, it is simply a reflection of your own self. The master is nothing but a mirror of yourself. He is a reflection of yourself.

But it so happens that when you look into a mirror, you start to think that the mirror is beautiful, that the mirror is so child-like, so innocent! What you don’t understand is that the mirror is actually you; it is your own reflection!

If You are Beautiful, the Sunset Appears Beautiful Too

If you are yourself a beautiful person, everything will appear beautiful to you. You will project your beauty onto the sunset.

In life, whatever you see is simply a reflection of yourself. Just look into your lives. A sunset may look beautiful to one person; it may look depressing to another. And another person may not even care; he doesn’t bother about it at all. It is the same sunset that comes through in different ways. It is not that the sunset is beautiful, or depressing, or difficult to notice.
It is just your attitude which determines what you see.

In other words, if you are beautiful, the sunset appears beautiful too.

If you yourself are depressed, everything will look upsetting or disappointing to you. You will project your depression onto the sunset. And the third person, who doesn’t notice the sunset at all, doesn’t notice the moon, doesn’t see the trees around him, is simply missing it. He is always in such a rush, always trying to reach somewhere; he doesn’t have the time to look at the sunset, which according to him comes and goes anyway and which he can see tomorrow anyway.

But let me tell you: Each sunset is new. It is fresh every day.

So, the way in which you see the sun, or anything for that matter, depends on you. If you are seeing some beauty in me, something beautiful has arisen within you; remember that.



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