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Beauty and Grace

April 23, 2012

Can Beauty Drink a Cup of Tea?

The concept of beauty is created by the cosmetic industry. What you call beauty is a mirage.
When you are hungry, food becomes tasty.
When you are inferior you appoint someone as superior.
Beauty is the same way. It is purely relative.

See the cosmetic industry created the concept of beauty and goes on maintaining it continuously by that idiotic beauty contest.

I am defining you the beauty. Beauty is the feeling you carry when somebody appreciates you. Please understand, I am defining in the mundane level, not in the spiritual level. Means when somebody says, oh, you look great, then the feeling you carry is beauty for you.

And same way when you make somebody else to have the same feeling about them, in them, it is beauty for that person. The beauty concept is nothing but give and take. You scratch my back, I scratch your back. You say I am beautiful, I will say you are beautiful, that’s all. There is no such thing as standard scale. But this cosmetic industry creates the concept of beauty and keeps it alive continuously.

Enlightened Being is the only person who breaks the idea that you are unenlightened and in that way he keeps himself alive.

Just like how the cosmetic industry keeps the disease that you are ugly alive by doing the beauty contests, same way, the mental healthcare industry keeps the idea that if you are stressed you will be sick, to keep their industry alive. And politicians keep the idea that you are weak, so that they can be alive.
Understand, an Enlightened Being never keeps himself alive by saying you can’t be enlightened, constantly he says you are already enlightened, through that way he keeps himself alive.

What is actually beauty? Nothing. Just the ideas promoted widely, that’s all. There is nothing else called beauty.

Even if somebody is so beautiful, alright, you are lost in that person, you can’t drink one cup of tea through that mouth.

Don’t you understand? You can’t drink even one cup of tea through that mouth.

What is beauty? It is just a concept you create.

What is Real Beauty, then? Everyone is already very beautiful and unique. God is an artist who created every being beautifully unique. You are beautiful to start with.



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