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May 5, 2012

Happiness, Now at your Disposal

You are happy because you are happy

We want to be happy all the times. Our worries prevent us from being happy.

Can we predict when we will be relaxed and joyful?

It is difficult for us to guess when we are likely to be happy. On the other hand, it is very easy for us to say when we shall be worried, because it is almost all the time.

We worry when we have no money; we also worry when we have money.
We worry if we have no children; we also worry when we have children.
Wealth and children are quite often the cause of many of our problems.

Worries follow desires just as night follows day. Desires have no end. Worries are endless.

Do these worries have any purpose? No. They are purposeless and meaningless.

Find happiness being in the present. Be connected, completely aware of what is happening in the moment. Be happy with everything that you have. This is the greatest secret that you need to know. Even once if you taste happiness with everything that you have, you will never worry or never yearn for anything that others have.

We forget to enjoy our life now and never get to enjoy life later either.

Either we enjoy here and now, or never.

Technique to Simply be Happy

Every morning, as soon as you get up, even before you open your eyes, sit up in bed.
Call yourself by your name.

Ask yourself, what are you going to choose today? Do you want to be happy, or do you want to be miserable?

Naturally, first thing in the morning, you are not going to choose misery! So your mind will say, “I choose happiness”.
Then reply, “Then be happy”, that’s all.

It’s as simple as that! When you are faced everyday with much that your happiness and misery are entirely in your hands, you will stop blaming the external circumstances. You will develop an attitude of being happy – not because of external circumstances, not despite them – but irrespective of them.

You are happy because you are happy!


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