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April 24, 2012

Who Wants to be Famous?

One of the major driving force in human life is desire. If you look into your life, you can see most of the time we are driven by either desire or fear. We have so many desires and many times we feel we don’t have energy to fulfill them.




Desire is a dynamic energy. I tell you, you don’t even need to give up your desire for name and fame. Desire for name and fame is more like an innocent desire for having a banana.

Recently I saw one comedy clip, where that comedian was caught for stealing. He says – “My level of stealing is only 5 rupee, 10 rupee don’t blame me for 5000, 10,000 rupees stealing.” This name and fame desire is small, foolish. Cheap, the comedian’s desires. That is not a big thing.It is not criminal, but this clinging to the reward of performance. That is deeper.

I will give you the exact difference.
What is Clinging? Clinging means internally, cunningly as a pattern, outside showing you don’t care for name and fame, but internally expecting others to praise you even for not being touched by name and fame. Clinging is the villain’s quality.
Desire for name and fame is more like a comedian’s quality. It is very innocent.

I am always happy about the people who have desire about name and fame. You don’t need too many things to satisfy them. Just say, you look great, and your dress is clean, even though it is smelling. You performed well. Over! The person is already in ecstasy. I know the standard statements.

Bhole Baba – Be pleased with simple things!

For men you should tell, oh, you did a great job. For women you should tell you look great. That’s all. These two-three statements only. Very innocent – Bhole Baba. By nature you are pleased with simple things, you are Bhole Baba – Shiva! Simply joyful!

I tell you that is one of the greatest quality. Retain the beauty of Bhole Baba in your life, retain the quality of Ashudosha, easily pleased in your life, you will be living with Shiva Consciousness.

Drop the Clinging for Rewards for Performance

This desire for name and fame is like a Bhole Baba, very innocent. It is not a problem at all. It is sometimes even sweet.

Clinging is a very cunning villain game. It is not Bhole Baba game.
It is villain’s game, very dangerous, where you expect the reward for performance and you even delay things if you don’t get the reward.

It is whole cunning, political game. I can say, it is poison inside your stomach.
Anything you eat will become poison because poison is inside your stomach.

Clinging is the bio-memory version of strong desire for name and fame.
It makes your whole life sick and makes all the people around you sick.
Only when you give up the clinging for the reward of performance you are in constant satisfaction.

Pick your Vedic Words
Bhole Baba – One who is “simply pleased with simple things”. Bhole Baba is the real nature of innocence – being simple, simply. One of the many names of Lord Shiva, one of the divine trinities of Hindu Vedic Tradition.

Ashudosha – One who is easily pleased. One of the names of Lord Shiva, one of the divine trinities of Hindu Vedic Tradition.


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