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April 27, 2012

Be a High Achiever Not an Addict

A High Achiever has to be a complete self-healer.

Whether it is politics or moneymaking, any field, if you want to be a High Achiever, you should know some science of healing yourself.

When I say self-healing, means getting you out of the wounds, disturbances, problems. If you are not able to do that you will become addicted to alcohol or drugs.

Choose To Be High-Achiever!

That is why invariably all High Achievers, either they have to be meditators or druggies.

I am telling you – it’s a thumb rule. They will be meditators, means they may be practicing some meditation belonging to some religion, which brings them back into their healing inner space. If they are not, they will be drunkards.

Drunkards or druggies. Because to be a High Achiever, you need all energies integrated.

By being a druggie or drunkard, they forget the wounds. Not that they healed it. They forget it. They avoid it. They play the game of forgetting.

I want all you guys, the NewgeN, to be High Achievers. A creative High Achiever is a Jeevan-Mukta (one who is Living Enlightenment).

So, start creating. Creation is life. Age is not a problem, you being a woman is not a problem.

Inspire, encourage yourself constantly to your highest possibility, to be a High Achiever. And inspire others to their highest possibility – to be High Achievers.

From Talks by Paramahamsa Nithyananda



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