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September 18, 2012

Untold Secrets of Higher Purpose, Leadership Consciousness

Leadership Consciousness - Awaken to Your Higher Purpose

“Action has to be performed as a sacrifice (to a higher purpose, to God or Guru), otherwise in this life actions make one bound. Therefore, O son of Kunti! Do action being liberated from association with lower purpose.”

yajnarthat karmano ‘nyatra loko ‘yam karma-bandhanah | 
tad-artham karma kaunteya mukta-sangah samacara || Bhagavad Gita 3.9 ||


What is exactly meant by the word Higher Purpose?

Higher purpose of the country is GDP, higher purpose of the Cosmos is every individual’s fulfillment and joy. Please understand, the GDP of the Cosmos falls under your center finally. It is finally your joy, your bliss.

The higher purpose of the Cosmos is your deep fulfillment, your bliss, your joy.

Higher purpose of the country is GDP – gross domestic production. But Cosmos has no GDP. Universe does not function towards your GDP. No.

The highest purpose of the cosmos is your deep fulfillment. Not the fulfillment that you receive once in two days and lose. That is screw loose joy, fulfillment. No!

The word higher purpose is the sacred secret in this verse. Catch that truth. Look in, analyze.

Settle with Eternal Joys that Never Leave You

What are the joys, blissful experiences that stay with you, can stay with you forever. For example, if joy happens in you by understanding some of the truths of life by the cognitive shift – means the way we take the cognizance of the world, of you, of the society. If joy is happening in you because of all these reasons it will never leave you, because these are the eternal bliss, these all just settles with you.

Please understand, if suddenly you realize your expanded identity means you are not just limited to the wrong patterns and conditionings you accumulated from your birth, from your childhood.

Real Leaders Don’t Need any Quality..if you are Available, you are a Leader

To be a leader you don’t need any quality, just be available. Then naturally you will be stable.

Understand, to be a leader you don’t need any quality, just be available.

Please understand, you are able. You just need to be available to the part of you which is able then naturally you will be stable. You are, your being is leader, just be. Just be available to a situation you will be a leader of that.

Just be available to your body, you will be leader of it.
Just be available to your business you will be leader of it.
Just be available to your family realtionships, you will be leader of it.
Just be available for the part of you which is able! ….

You experiencing the Leadership Consciousness is the Higher Purpose of you and the Cosmos.

Associate all your actions with your Higher Purpose.

Understand all actions have to be associated with the Higher Purpose.

Lord Rama’s higher purpose was going to Lanka and killing Ravana, destroying evil. So for His higher purpose, he experienced his higher purpose and installed a Shiva Linga as Rameshwara. Each one of you should identify your Ishvara – higher purpose which makes you experience the leadership consciousness. It is such a subtle point. Only when you do the home work you will catch it. This truth has to be only taught in the classes. But I am opening up this truth in morning Nithya Satsang.

First step by step understand

– all those ideas what all you think as leadership qualities, drop those.

– second, the highest purpose of your life is the deep fulfillment beyond your imagination.

– third, your availability makes you able and stable.

You experiencing the leadership consciousness is ‘Ishwartva’. The sanskrit word ‘Ishwara’ exactly means the person who is filling it and who is filled by it. You experiencing the leadership consciousness is the higher purpose of you and the cosmos.

When you experience the Leadership Consciousness you get fulfilled.
When the Cosmos experiences, the whole is fulfilled.
Whenever you experience leadership consciousness, one part of the Cosmos is fulfilled….

Almost I am trying to put the whole spirituality in one Satsang, one capsule, one nutshell.

With this one word – Higher Purpose. Each word I uttered, you can create one tradition out of that word. I am getting the essence of all spiritual traditions and putting together with this one word.

True Definition of Leadership Consciousness

When your brain vibrates in highest coherence, what you feel as “you” is Leadership Consciousness.

When your kundalini is awakened, what you feel as “you” is Leadership Consciousness. 

Sacred Secret of Higher Purpose from Sri Krishna

Anything other than this higher purpose is waste of life. Let all your actions, speech, thinking, feeling, being everything be integrated towards the higher purpose. This is the sacred secret I want you to learn from this verse. This is the sacred secret Bhagavan Sri Krishna is trying to explain and express through this verse

– Higher Purpose of your life should become the inspiration for your every action, every step, every bit, every breath and every moment.

from Nithya Satsang talks on Bhagavad Gita on 02/12/11 by Living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda 

Vedic Words

Lord Rama – He is the 7th Incarnation of Lord Vishnu, one of the holy trinities of Hinduism who appeared on the human plane to destroy the collective negative forces, by slaying Ravana, the king of evil forces. He is the embodiment of Supreme Being who teaches by living example the perfect human life. Lord Rama’s life and journey is one of perfect adherence to dharma (righteousness), Truth. Rama is revered for His uncompromising compassion, courage and devotion to religious values and duty. He is the perfect husband, perfect son, perfect king, perfect ascetic, and perfect warrior. The great epic Ramayana embodies the life of Lord Rama and His consort, Sita, the embodiment of perfect womanhood.

Son of Kunti – One of the names of great warrior Arjuna. He received the wisdom and experience of Living Enlightenment in the Bhagavad Gita from Sri Krishna. He is the incarnation of Nara, the highest evolved human, the reflection of Super-Consciousness as Narayana i.e. Lord Krishna. Arjuna is the son of Queen Kunti. Krishna refers to Arjuna as ‘son of Kunti’ in some of the verses of Bhagavad Gita to remind him to drop his sufferings. Throughout the ultimate transmission of Truth imparted to Arjuna by Sri Krishna, the Lord calls Arjuna by several names, each depicting a specific meaning that is deeply connected to the teaching and the message. Queen Kunti had a life of sufferings, here Sri Krishna is calling Arjuna – son of Kunti to remind him to come out of his sufferings, and not to connect with his lower purpose.




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