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Love and Sex

June 13, 2012

Love and Liberate, Don’t Possess


n real life we always look to express our love towards others in some tangible way. Only if love is demonstrated in tangible form, it is considered to be love nowadays.


One thing: true love is like a communion. It is a kind of resonance between two beings. It can be felt without any expression. It doesn’t need communication because it is already happening as a communion.

If you really love a person, then your very body language will show it. It will be too much to express in words.

You will feel that any words are inadequate and will only bring down the love that you feel. But if you are using words, then somewhere the love has not really happened. When you have to speak to express love, then somewhere there is a lie in it! You are using the words just to decorate the lie.

Real Love Always Liberates

Real love liberates because it does not compel you to express it all the time. It just is.
Real love also gives you the freedom to freely express what you want to express.
You can easily express anything like disapproval or anger and it will not be mistaken for reduced love.

Not only that, with real love, there will be no domination or power play in relationships. Each person will be like a beautiful flower that has blossomed to radiate its unique fragrance, that’s all.

With real love, there will be no fear or insecurity either. In normal love, physical distance between two people causes a lot of insecurity and a lack of trust.

Real Love is Not Matter, Stop Possessing and Suffocating

As long as our love happens towards a particular object, even if the object is a person, we will try to reduce that person only to the level of an object. That is exactly what we do when we feel possessive or attached to another person.
In the way that we try to possess furniture or a house or any other object, we try to possess the person also.

Real love doesn’t look for utility. It operates on sheer trust and is also beyond time and space.

A Dog’s Leash Binds You and the Dog

When you start possessing, someone you start binding yourself also.

If you are walking holding your dog’s leash, be very clear that you are also bound. Don’t think only the dog is bound; you are also bound. Don’t think only the dog cannot run away, you too cannot run away! You might be thinking that you are holding the rope and the dog might be thinking he is holding the rope. Who knows?

We want the person to be just how we want him or her to be, which means we are actually reducing the person to sheer matter.

So understand, whenever our love or our attention is towards something in particular, we will be only materialistic, creating suffering for ourselves and for others. We will only suffocate the object or person.

Instead, if we turn our attention towards the experience of love itself, we will be liberating the person. That is the beauty of love that happens just as love and not for the sake of any object.

Do-it-Simply Aghori Technique

The next time you are with someone, when you are with your friend with whom you are completely open, remember to practice this technique.

Just sit next to him. Don’t bother about what you are going to do or what you are going to say. Just sit, that’s all! That is the technique.

Actually, speaking is nothing but avoiding the other person. Because you cannot look into the other person’s eyes, you go on speaking. That’s the truth. The other person listens so that he can start speaking whenever you take a break!

Just sit in the present. Just feel the other person’s presence. Accept the other person as he or she is, as the being is, and feel what happens inside you. Try this for a few days. Suddenly you will see that you will experience a different space that you have never before experienced in your life.




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