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May 10, 2012

I Am Reborn – Ridhi

This is Ridhi from Davangere, Karnataka, India. Ridhi is a student of 12th std.

She attended a 3 months course- Life Bliss Engineering (LBE) which included Inner Awakening (IA) in June 2009 when she was in 9th std. This was the turning point of her life. Ridhi was reborn. Ridhi can say, Swamiji did not change her life, He has given her a new life.

At that time, Ridhi had her school going on and miraculously she even got permission from her school to take leave for 3 whole months. When Ridhi came back, she had exams (the portions 3/4th of which she hadn’t even attended) in a week in which she got 77.7%.

The girl, who used to be short tempered earlier, got the name long tempered by her friends!

Earlier, Ridhi used to get involved in fights, misunderstandings, etc mentally.

Now, firstly, such situations have no effect on Ridhi and secondly, Ridhi’s friends ask her to resolve their problems in such situations.

Being at the ashram, at the feet of the Master, in His energy field is the greatest blessing Ridhi has got. Its time, all of us start living an ordinary life in an extraordinary way which Swamiji calls Enlightenment.

It’s time we all started living, radiating, sharing and exploding in Enlightenment

In Nithyananda

Karnataka, India



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