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May 10, 2012

No Sufferings In Relationships – Swetha

Nithyanandam! I am Swetha. After meeting Swamiji, Paramahamsa Nithyananda I have changed a lot.

Listening to his satsang (sitting with the Truth) itself helped me to change myself.

Everyday Swamiji says new things that are helping me in breaking the very strong patterns. Now I am able to break many patterns so easily like postponing things by being lazy.

 Swamiji gave a lot of clarity in relationships, thinking and doing things.
Previously, I could not handle any problem on my own . I used to take suggestions and solutions from others. But
now I am able to handle things very easily on my own.

Coming to the relations, previously, I used to be very weak towards relationships in the way that if any of my beloved persons would scold me or get angry at me, I used to be very sick and I used to cry. But now Swamiji changed me in such a way that I am not attaching too much to any relationships.

In this way I avoided many sufferings which I used to face previously.

This is all because of Swamiji only.

Thank You Swamiji, Nithyanandam.




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