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September 2, 2012

Be an Extraordinary Unclutched Couple

Being Unclutched in being a couple. How to be Unclutched?

Actually if you are only able to ‘Be unclutched’ you will be able to be a couple without friction. Anything which does not have intelligence to ‘unclutch’ will not be able to clutch without friction.

What is Being Unclutched?

“Not connecting your past experiences with your current experience, but looking at everything fresh, with awareness, is Being Unclutched”.

Decide to Become your Spouse for an Extraordinary Relationship

I tell you not just with husband and wife, even with body and mind. Actually body and mind are just like husband and wife only. If you know how to ‘clutch’ and ‘unclutch’ with body and mind without creating friction, you will just know how to ‘clutch’ or ‘unclutch’ with the spouse. It’s a simple science.

What body wants is different, what mind wants is different. What man wants from a relationship is different and what woman wants from a relationship is different. So, man has to decide to become woman to be in a relationship. A woman has to decide to become man to be in relationship. Woman should understand, she should become man and give what man wants. Man should understand, he should become woman and share what woman wants.

Mind should understand it should become body and stand by the body as it wants. Body should understand the mind and stand by the mind as it wants, then Samsaara (outer life) is Sannyaas (inner life).

There is no such thing that something is higher or something is lower. No. Somehow still unconsciously we have that. That’s the reason even I need to use the word, Samsaara is Sannyas. No. Let us use the word – Samsaara is Samsaara. It’s the greatest Samsaara.

Understanding, Working for a Relationship – your Shortest Route

Understanding. You need to remember one thing – all great things are achieved by some effort. So, you need to spend time and energy on Understanding. No other way. There is no short cut for understanding, there is no short route for understanding. Understanding is the shortest route. No way. No other short cut.

Just decide for money how you need to work, same way for a good relationship you need to work, you need to be sensitive about the whole thing.

Relationship is not a business, it is not a bargain, it’s an art, where you need to spend time, energy, intelligence, and create it.

So if you are interested in the benefits of a relationship, no other way, you will have to work for it. And I tell you, if you can’t even work for one relationship, I don’t think you will be able to work for making your body and mind in tune, your life in tune. Its not that easy job, that easy joke.

So, I can say working with the relationship itself is a Saadhana (spiritual practice).

If you can’t even work with the visible part, how are you going to work with the invisible partner? Understand, visible partner – invisible part.  visible part– invisible partner. You call it as part or partner. If you are not able to work with the visible, how are you going to work with the invisible. No.

I will give this one word as a message –

Learn to ‘Be Unclutched’ so that you can intensely, lovingly, deeply ‘be clutched’ without friction

Stop saying ‘NO’ to your spouse, thinking you are saying ‘YES’ to yourself

The extraordinary joy of sharing love can become lifestyle for couples. Please understand, it can become lifestyle for couple when you just know ‘how to Unclutch’ – where to put the boundaries – where the other person needs you, where you need ‘yourself’.

The whole fight is you always see where the other person needs ‘yourself’, saying ‘no’ to that, you feel as ‘you’ need yourself. No. Your need to be with ‘yourself’ and other person’s need for ‘yourself’ never clashes.

Understand, but when you create the imagination it clashes. Then, saying ‘no’ to other person becomes an important identity for you. You start building your identity whenever you say ‘no’ to other person, or whenever you torture the other person. We become slowly sadistic.

Thousands of marriages break every day just because of this mis-understanding –  Saying ‘no’ to other means saying ‘yes’ to ‘yourself’. No.

When you say ‘no’ to other in ignorance, you are actually saying ‘no’ to ‘you’ because you don’t really look-in – “Am I really saying ‘yes’ for me, or am I just saying for the sake of ‘no’ to the other person.

Look in. If you look-in you will realize never THE YES to other person and THE YES to ‘you’ clashes with each other. YES to ‘you’ and YES to the other person never clashes.

So, you need to know the basic truth. You need to understand the basic truth. You need to remember this basic truth.

Saying NO to the other person is not always saying YES to you.
Saying YES to you is not always NO to the other person.
Saying YES to the other person, can be saying YES to you.

So remember this one thing. LOOK-IN. Don’t handle your life with ignorance. Even if you have made the decision of marriage out of ignorance, don’t continue to live in ignorance. Ignorance can be dis-connected. Ignorance can be destroyed. That is the greatness of ignorance.

Greatness of ignorance is it can end, consciously.

Greatness of knowledge is it never ends,

Greatness of Enlightenment is it never gets dis-connected, it can never be lost.

Begin Working on Your Relationship, Learn how to “Be Unclutched”…

Unclutching is the greatest, ultimate, universal technique that can be used anytime, anywhere by anyone.

All auspicious things of life and beyond life are achieved by just this one technique – Unclutching”.

Take your first step to understand UNCLUTCHING with these videos here, and create extraordinary relationships.



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