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May 5, 2012

From Restlessness to Intensity


he meaning of intensity is feeling that something needs to be done immediately, to break free from the clutches, or to break free, in the inner world. Intensity should become a quality.

When people ask me about intensity I tell them: feel intensely that you are not having intensity, that’s all.

You see, usually we feel a terrible restlessness towards the outer world, “I have not done this, I have not done that…’ The same restlessness, if it is directed to the inner world is called ‘Intensity’

If your consciousness is constantly moving towards the outer world it is called Restlessness. If it is moving towards the inner world, it is called Intensity.

You may be thinking I am supposed to teach satisfaction; why am I teaching dissatisfaction?
I tell you, your dissatisfaction directed now towards the outer world has to turn towards the inner world, then it will lead to satisfaction.

First thing which needs to happen is not satisfaction but the turning of direction, the psychological revolution.

Intensity will increase when you have the desire but not the technique. That’s a right way to develop intensity. The moment the technique is given your mind will start working around the technique.

Aghori – Do It Simply Technique
Be Intense Every Moment

Whether you touch something or somebody or some object, let the intensity be there, even in that touch. If you are talking, let the intensity be there. In everything; in your relationships, in your decisions, in your fears, be intense without escaping from this moment.

This is what I call Intensity.


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