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April 27, 2012

How to Break Free from Tiredness

Most of us are living modern workday lifestyles filled with stress and anxiety. Tiredness and fatigue have become a natural happening in our lives.

Breaking free from tiredness is directly connected to the ideas we carry about us, and has nothing to do with our lifestyle habits, long work hours, or busy schedules.

Paramahamsa Nithyananda reveals that whatever you feel as you, you believe as you – any action you choose, if it is in tune with you, with that belief you will not have tiredness.

Whatever I am doing is in tune with what I believe as me.

If you believe you are love, obstructions which come to stop the flow of life is demon for you.

If you believe you are intelligence, the obstructions which come to stop the flow of intelligence are demon for you.

I am very clear, I am completely convinced and strongly I believe and experience I am compassion.

I tell you, even you believing you are a greedy person is good to make money. If you have that belief, don’t try to destroy that belief, try to actualize it. Let it become reality. Then you will understand that belief does not give you fulfillment and that drops from you, it’ll drop.

 If you believe you are a greedy man, any action which makes you work for money will not make you tired.

Finally there will be some beliefs, which will not drop at all, which will just be you. Those beliefs only I am calling the expression of enlightenment.


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