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May 8, 2012

The Avatar’s Vision for the New Generation Youth

Today’s modern youth is facing an urgent crisis like never before in the world history. For the first time, we have the largest generation of young people on the planet.

If you are one among the 1.8 billion young people, know that your aspirations, passions, and decisions matter to your society’s and the world’s peace, joy and consciousness. Your depression, your failures, your confusions cost too much to the planet.

Know that the answers to your challenges limiting your real potential, are within you.

Living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda is here to create the NewgeN – New generation from the next generation. He is the wake-up call to awaken billions of youth like you, and evolve the youth into an age of living enlightenment.

Here is his vision for you, the brave, the bold, the conscious youth who are waking-up to question the big why of life!

His vision for you begins with one pivotal basic quest not with a solution.
An awesome journey inward to succeed the challenges outward.

Are you aware of the purpose of your birth?
Are aware of the purpose of your life?
Do you know why you live the way you live and what you seek to achieve?

Any society that can’t give answer to this question, you should rebel against that society. I inspire all the youngsters all over the world to revolt against their society, which cannot give answer to these questions.

Paramhamsa Nithyananda, the Greatest Aghori, the Wake Up Call for Newgen

Ask them – “why did you give birth to me?”

Ask your mother, ask your school teacher, ask your father, ask your friends, ask your society. Revolt against the society. “What do you mean by giving birth to me, feeding me, now, not able to answer the basic questions of life.”

People who are supposed to be responsible for you, knowing the solution and answer for these questions, they themselves have become obstacles for you to know these great truths.

To tell you honestly, I cannot give answer for this question. I can only create techniques, and space, and place available for you, where you can find the solution for these problems. You can grasp the answer for these questions. You can have solution for these nuances given to you by society.


I was thinking how am I going to create 1 lakh Nada Yogis, 10,000 Jeevan Muktas. 1 lakh Nada Yogis means I need at least 10 lakh people enrolling. How is it going to happen?

I saw in the vision, there is going to be a huge youth revolt and revolution against the so-called consumerist materialism and materialistic lifestyle. I saw very clearly when that happens only, youngsters are going to enter into the great truths of life, in seeking the great truths of life. I am building my body, mind, everything, directly to cater to those youngsters.

Like you, millions, I can say, crores around the world are struggling, suffering without having solution for the basic questions – What is the purpose of my birth? You are asking.

I saw very clearly how I am going to create 1 lakh Nada Yogis – youth who have yogic body and vedic mind and 10,000 Jeevan Muktas (who are living enlightenment).

I will make the modern youth into Aghoris!

The people who gave birth to you, should have by now made you understand. It is like you kidnap some child, take the child to a forest. There you tell the child, “I don’t know the way further, you do what you want and you leave him”, and you run away, where you want to go. Same thing is being done to us.

These people have kidnapped us, brought us here, dumped us here and they are doing something what they want and we are sitting here and struggling. No!

Something is seriously wrong with the whole system.
Youth should revolt to have the answer for these questions.
Youth should tell their parents, their society, their teachers, and their educators – first answer this to us.

Solve first this problem. Don’t divert us in candies and entertainment. No, we are not here to get cheated.

Just like that Matrix movie, understand, all of you are caught in that artificial intelligence. You guys are in deep slumber. Nothing can be done to you guys, unless you wake-up from this dream slumber, and ask these basic questions.

I am very sure by the end of this year, we will reach out to a billion people making them all ask this question to themselves. Making all of them look inside for the answers to these questions


I will create a huge revolution by Nagas and Aghoris.

I will make the modern youth into Aghoris, where they will understand, where they will start seeking the answers for the ultimate questions, where they will know their purpose of birth, purpose of life, where they will remove all flawed patterns in their life.

I cannot give you an answer. But I invite you to the Ananda Yogam Program to find your solution. Here I am, everyday creating technique, place and space. Just be here 1 year, nothing else,  listening to morning satsang and going with the flowing of the morning satsang. I welcome all the youth from all over the world.

First I wanted to tell you –

Revolt against your society. Rebel against your society which is not able to give answer to these questions, which is only diverting you, which is only cheating you, revolt against them.

Gather together, get ready to find the solution for these basic problems.


Pick Your Vedic Words

Nada Yogi – One who has a yogic body and a vedic mind. If you want to keep this beautiful planet for the next generation, next generation has to become new generation. We have to become yogis, Nada yogis.

Yogic Body – A body which has 5 components. 1. Strength. 2. Flexibility 3. Stamina 4. Physique 5. Energy. When you own your body and design it as you want with yoga into a healthy and blissful body it is a Yogic Body. When your movements are such that your body becomes healthy, graceful as you want, it is a Yogic Body.

Vedic Mind – The mind based on vidya (right knowledge), which does not bring suffering to you is the Vedic mind. When you own your mind and consciously design it in a way that suffering cannot touch you, when you see to it that any thought that you give life, brings only joy to you, then you have a Vedic Mind.

Aghori – Aghori means simple, straight forward. Aghori means simple beings, people who do things very simply. The one phrase that defines an Aghori is “Do it Simply”.  They are embodiment of Shiva walking on planet earth, waking up people. The Aghori lineage sources back directly to Lord Shiva himself, one of the divine trinities from the Eternal Religion of Hinduism.

Jeevan Mukta: One who is Living Enlightenment, a conflict free life. A person who achieves liberation from the cycle of birth and death during one ‘s life time.

From talks by Paramahamsa Nithyananda on NewgeN



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