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Aghori – Do It Simply

May 3, 2012

Be the Master of your Own Self

Meditate to dissolve the cluster of your emotions

Most of us are on a roller-coater ride, held in the sway of emotions like worry, jealousy, discontentment, fear, anger, guilt, etc. over which we have no control. Meditation enables you to be centered in yourself, have the solid inner balance and thus be the master of your own self.

A natural by-product of meditation is something we spend almost a lifetime trying to attain: inner relaxation and  peace.

Meditation will take you through a cluster of emotions.

You will suddenly come to a peak of emotions and in minutes you will become normal.

This is the beauty of meditation. You go through so many emotions, that suddenly you realise that you are beyond all emotions.

Aghori – Simply Do It Technique

Drop the outer TV. Just watch the TV of your emotions.

While in meditation, many emotions will arise. Don’t go along with them.
Watch all your emotions go by in front of you.
Feel as if your emotions are a television program and you, the witness, remain completely cool; simply watching everything.

Don’t create a thought.
Don’t follow a thought.
Don’t stop a thought.
Witness and witness.Your cluster of emotions will finally be understood and they will dissolve.

With meditation, you automatically drop out of the vicious cycle of fear, greed, and stress, and enter the virtuous cycle of bliss.


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