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April 24, 2012

Decide to be Youth Eternally


I will define Youth. That is my message for Youth Day.

Person who is ready to take his past out of the future is Youth. Means not allowing the influence of the past into the future is Youth.

If you are ready to take the trace or effect, influence of your past from the future, you are youth – whatever age you may be. If already your past has started influencing your future, even if you are just 20, you are old. The fears created by the so-called unpleasant incidents of the past or the greed created by the so-called pleasure, pleasant incidents of the past – should not be – the base, should not be – the root to build your future.

Person who is ready to take his past out of the future is Youth. Means not allowing the influence of the past into the future is Youth.

Understand, the future should be completely open, and available, fresh. When you look in, it should look fresh, alive, vibrant, exciting. Not because of the expectations, or the traces, influences of the past. No. Just as a fresh flower, ready to go into the fresh future.

Liberating your future from the greed and fear of the past; means having freedom to live your future. That is what I call Living Enlightenment.

Unfortunately, projecting all insecurities of the past into the future, human beings feel very secured. When you project all your past into the future, all those insecurities, all those greed, everything – suddenly you feel secured and you want only that kind of future. I am surprised how the ignorance makes human beings feel insecurity as security and security as insecurity.

Be an Eternal Youth

Your future should be clean and fresh – not influenced by the mental set-up, the suffered consciousness. Understand, almost all human beings who are not initiated into Living Enlightenment, carry suffered consciousness, battered consciousness. So, out of that when you project your future, naturally it is going to be completely disturbed, perverted version ­– of your past greed and past fears. Somehow human beings feel out of ignorance very comfortable with that perversion. Feel very safe, secured. No!

Not having perversion about the future.
Not letting your past fear and greed on the future,
having a fresh, clean future is the most secured future.
Means your consciousness is so fresh and alive, ready to live anything.

Only if your consciousness is fresh, ready, alive, excited you can live.Otherwise everything else is a deep torture. Nothing but a deep torture.
Understand these basic lessons.

1. Life is a knack. Understand, it’s a knack. Do not allow your past, the greed and fear, inhibitions, shyness, suffering of the past into the future.

2. Today you decide, from today – I WILL BE A YOUTH. Make the decision. I will not allow my past to be projected into the future. I will live as Youth. Youth is related to Being, not related to body. Just decide to be a Youth. You will celebrate your whole life as Youth day.

So, my Youth day message is – decide to be a youth eternally. Nithya Yauvanas – Eternal Youth.

So decide that all of you will be Nithya Yauvanas means Eternally Young. Just little intelligence, nothing else. Don’t allow your past’s constant fear and greed, and everything into the future. Live with awareness.

Radiate. Be Eternal Youth.



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