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June 26, 2012

Goal Setting Without the Past

Question – How do we set goals without letting the past dictate the future?


This is a good question.

When you bring down your TPS (thought per second), a new intelligence will suddenly happen in you, which causes you to perform without setting goals. That is what I call ‘Intuitive Management’ – managing through intuition.

It needs patience and practice. That is why people are not able trust that something like Intuitive Management is possible. People who live around me can see it happening.
I am running an organisation with centres across many countries, and we are continuously expanding as well.

So much is happening, but we never plan like the corporate world.Spontaneously decisions are just made. Intuitive Management works continuously. Living around the Master can give you the courage to see that it is possible.

For you to run your day-to-day life, to pay your bills, to pursue your profession successfully, and to create wealth, your mind is not needed.

It may be a little shocking to hear this, but just try it out. You will see that it works!!!


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