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Love and Sex

August 30, 2012

Love, the Power to Activate Matter

Quest – Swamiji, you said love activates matter. How can love activate matter and make it move?

Avatar Answers –

Love really infuses energy into whatever it is directed. Please understand, if you direct love towards anything, whether it is a person or matter or plant or animal, anything, it gets infused with energy.

There is a beautiful story connected to Paramahamsa Yogananda:
He or some of his disciples practiced showering love on a rose plant, telling that ‘I will protect you. I will keep you secured. You don’t need these thorns. Just to protect yourself, don’t be in insecurity.’ Everyday talking in a very loving and healing way to that plant. In a month, that plant dropped all the thorns.

It was only a rose. There was no thorns, means love activates even the plant.

And if you see Sri Ramakrishna’s life, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa’s life, great; so many examples can be given.
One, how He related with the Kali’s deity, Kali’s statue. It is not a statue for Him anymore. Just because of His intense love, the matter has become energy, alive. In His many experiences, He shares, when He gives food, He saw Mother eating. And when He touches the nose and feels, He says, I saw Devi breathing.

And there are so many strong solid experiences to prove that love activates matter. Love makes the matter alive.

In Karnataka, there is a place called Udupi. There there was a great Saint Kanakadasa. When he went to have darshan (vision) of Krishna, Krishna turned. The whole deity turned and gave darshan to him. It is still called, the hole through which Kanakadasa had darshan – it is called Kanakana Kindi, means the window of Kanakadasa. Still Krishna gives darshan to the whole world through that hole.

So please understand, there are thousands of evidences where love activates the matter.

From Communication to Communion

You can try even in your life, the plant or tree or river with which you are living, everyday sit with them for 10-15 minutes. You don’t need to talk, but just feel a deep love for them, the nature, the hill or the river or the tree.

Just have a deep feeling connection, love.

Ten minutes everyday sit, suddenly you will see that you are able to relate with them, they are able to relate with you. And communion will start. First it will be communication, then it will become communion.

So love makes matter alive. When you shower love, matter becomes life. When you take away the love, even life becomes matter. Thank you.



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