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May 5, 2012

Either Be a Leader or a Follower

We build upon our identities. We feel lost without them.

In truth, we are all, each one of us, a part of the collective consciousness that unifies the entire universe. Clutching to the individual identity compounds our problems. When we cling to the idea of being separate, we invite problems.

In our mind, at the mental level, if we think that we are unconnected, then, we are sowing the seeds of violence. We turn selfish, dogmatic and violent. In other words, we become terrorists.

Unity happens when we work within the spirit of collective consciousness. When we work from the level of individual consciousness, we dissect.

Logic always breaks things down whereas intuition always unites.

Let us look this way. At the physical level, we are not individuals. Our body and nature are much closer that we think is possible. For instance, the sun and body are deeply inter-connected. A small change in the sun triggers a variation in our body. Similarly, any change in our body affects upon the moon.

We all are interconnected by thoughts. A thought from somebody’s mind comes and touches us. Similarly, a thought created in someone’s mind travels to touch another mind. A thought sown by someone else, can touch us. Anyone’s thought has power to affect us. Thoughts are like ripples on the waters of a lake.

If our ripples are strong, like a wave, we create a surge. We will be leading and inspiring others by our thoughts. If our thoughts are not from depth, others thought waves will impress upon you.

So understand we can either be a Leader or a Follower! You cannot stay in between.

Whether you lead or follow, if your connection with the existence is strong, there will be only bliss in your life.

So let go of your identity and lead from the depth of your connection with existence.


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