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April 27, 2012

Are you having Coffee or Desire Hangover?

Human beings don’t know how to relax from life. If you continuously keep taking decisions and exhaust yourself with action, you will not have the hangover of Yayati. Who is Yayati?

The Hangover of Yayati

In the Mahabharata, the great Indian epic, there is a beautiful story about a king called Yayati. This king enjoyed all types of pleasures for a hundred years. But when Yama, the Lord of Death, knocked at his door, he was unwilling to open the door for him. He pleaded with him for an extension of life for an additional hundred years.

Yama agreed, provided one of his sons was willing to die in his place. One of Yayati’s sons agreed and Yayati was granted a hundred years. At the end of another 100 years, Yama returned to claim him, and again Yayati pleaded for a hundred more years. Again he was granted his wish with one more son dying in his place. This continued for 10 more times, Yayati getting continuous extensions.

In the end Yama said to him, “You are pouring oil to put out the fire”. The moment he said that, Yayati had the first glimpse of Enlightenment or Satori.

Yama told him that he was trying to pour oil to put out the fire! It means, he was going behind more desires to get out of the cycle of desires. How is that possible?

Yayati never took decisions and exhausted himself in life, in action. He always had handover. He was jumping like a monkey.

Desire is not wrong. Having so much of desires, you never have the time to fulfill even one desire is wrong.

Desire to have a cup of coffee is not wrong,
but by the time coffee is ready, already you are worried about having a butter milk,
by the time butter milk is ready, you already started worrying about having a beer,
and by the time beer is ready, you already started worrying about the nectar.
But finally from the morning to night, you never drank anything. That is what is wrong.

Your life is running only in this way. Project plan, project plan, project plan, and deadline, for what? for project to die. And never ever, you enjoy, live.

Yayati could not relax from his life because he never enjoyed. By the time he is enjoying something, his mind is already there in something else. Continuously moving, moving. moving. Never living.

Burn the Fuel of Your Desires!

Work to Relax. Live to Die. In to be Out

In the US when they did the 9/11 attack, it turned to be so worst because all the flights had unused fuel, that they had just filled. The fuel created more mess. Same way, when you came in your body, you have certain fuel – Prarabda, means the unfulfilled experiences that you decide to enjoy and exhaust in this birth. If it is unused, your death will be a big explosion, suffering, because the remaining fuel is going to explode and burn you. If all the fuel is exhausted, the suffering would have been a lot less. Understand, Yayati moved around, but never exhausted the fuel.

When I say exhaust yourself in action, I am saying empty, burn all the fuel, let the Prarabda be completed. Then naturally you will see, you are ready to relax from life.

Only when a person works hard the whole day his body is ready to relax from life, action, and sleep.

Whole day you are lying down, what will happen in the night?
Night also you will be lying down, tossing around.
Suffering during the death is nothing but tossing around, because whole day you did not do anything except lying down.

Work to Relax. Live to Die. In to be Out.


Vedic Words

Prarabda: The mindset, patterns, desires that we bring in this world when we are born to fulfill them.

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