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June 12, 2012

NewgeN Kriya

The NewgeN Kriya is the ultimate kriya to bring clarity and emotional stability to the new generation youth.

NewgeN Kriya is created for the youth to come out of the most dangerous epidemic humanity is facing today – degeneration of the youth!

This kriya has been formulated by Paramahamsa Nithyananda to remove the hormonal effects in the youth, which cause confusion and stress in you. Create a ‘nu-clear life’, a new and clear life with this dynamic process that combines yoga, meditation, kumbakas (pranayama), and unique postures (asanas).

Just daily practice of this powerful 21 minutes NewgeN Kriya creates…

  • lasting and deep effect on the body, on the physical aspect of the problem of confusion, rather than the mental aspect. The mind and body are very closely related.

When body fluids are not correctly balanced in the body, the mind cannot think rationally and is in utter confusion,  which often leads one towards depression, further leading to incorrect decision making, and living on a survival mode, limiting the tremendous capacities of youth to succeed.

  • The NewgeN kriya works on the very energy circuits in our body which alter and heal the way the body functions.It gives you the clarity, making you expand consciously and experience the beauty of life.
  • Along with clarity, the kriya is self-sufficient to bring physical wellness, and roaring confidence to be a winner in any situation.

Essentials of Nithya Kriyas

Nithya Kriya are the unique contributions of Paramahamsa Nithyananda to the world. It is a series of healing yogic processes revealed by Him. Nithya Kriya is unique in that the knowledge and techniques are drawn from the most authentic sacred yogic scriptures of India, while the specific combinations are expressed from the personal experience of Paramahamsa Nithyananda.

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Okey. Lets begin. Sit in a neat, and comfortable place. Play the video below and be directly led by the NewgeN Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda. Enjoy the NewgeN Kriya.

For detailed  instructions, simply follow the instructions and experience the power of the new generation in you.

Step 1 Asana

Step No. 1 Sit in Padmasana (lotus posture) or Vajrasana

Technique to Sit in Padmasana

• Place the right foot on the left thigh
• Now place the left foot on the right thigh

or Alternate Posture – Technique to Sit in Vajrasana

•  With knees, ankles and big toes touching the ground, stand in a kneeling position
•  Sit erect with the heels under your buttocks.

Now, move to Step No. 2. While you on your way, just glance below at the original verses and get a deeper understanding on these two asana. Always good to stay connected to the source….

learn more about ‘Padmasana’

Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Upadesha, verses 45 & 47
Uththanau Charanau Kruthvaa
Ooru-Samsthau Prayathnathaha |
Oorumadhye Thathoththaanau
Paanee Kruthvaa Thatho Drushau ||1.45||
Idham Padmaasanam Proktham
Sarva-Vyaadhi-Vinaashanam ||1.47||

One should with effort place the feet on the thighs, and place the upward-facing palms on the thighs. This is termed as Padmasana – the destroyer of all diseases.

learn more about ‘Vajrasana’

Gheranda Samhita, Upadesha 2, Verse 12

Janghaabhyaam Vajravath Kruthvaa
Gudha-Paarshve Padhaavubhau |
Vajraasanam Bhavedethath
Yoginaam Siddhidaayakam ||2.12||

Having hardened the thighs like steel, and placing both the legs on the sides of the anus is called Vajrasana, which gives great extraordinary powers.

Step 2 Nadi Shodana

Step No. 2 Do the Nadi Shodhana

Nadi Shodhana means cleaning the basic energy channels in our body.

Continue in Padmasana or Vajrasana, next…


•    Use the thumbs of each hand to control the corresponding nostril (do not lock the hands together)
•    Inhale through the LEFT nostril
•    Exhale through the RIGHT nostril
•    Then inhale through the RIGHT nostril and exhale through the LEFT nostril
•    Do this for 3 minutes

Now, begin Step No. 3..just toggle along.

learn more about ‘Nadi Shodhana’

Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Upadesha 2, Verses 7-9
Baddha-Padmaasanaa Yogee  Praanam Chandrena Poorayet |
Dhaarayitvaa Yathaa-Shakti Bhooyaha Sooryena Rechayet ||2.7||
Praanam Sooryena Chaakrushya Poorayet Udaram Shanaihi |
Vidhivat Kumbhakam Kruthvaa Punashchandrena Rechayeth ||2.8||
Yena Tyajet Tena Peethva Dhaarayeth Athirodhitaha |
Rechayechcha Tatho’nyena Shanaireva Na Vegatha||2.9||

Sitting in baddha padmadsana, the yogi should inhale through the left nostril and hold the breath to capacity, and then exhale through the right nostril.(2.7). Then inhaling through the right nostril, gradually fill the abdomen, perform kumbhaka as before, then exhale completely through the left nostril.(2.8). Inhale with the same nostril through which exhalation was done, hold the breath to utmost capacity and exhale through the other nostril slowly and not forcibly(2.9).

Step 3 Trishoola Kumbaka

Step No. 3  Do the Trishoola Kumbhaka

Continue in Padmasana or Vajrasana, next…


•    Inhale through both the nostrils and the mouth simultaneously
•    Hold as long as you can
•    When you cannot hold anymore, exhale as slowly as you can
•    Continue this for 7 minutes

Learn more about Trishooli Kumbhaka

Kumbhaka Paddhathi, Verse 193
Ghonaabhyaam Cha Mukhenaapi
Yugapath Poorayeth Sadhaa |
Thrishoolinaa Trishoolaakhyaha
Kumbha Ukthas-Thrishoolanuth ||193||

Always inhale through the nostrils and mouth together at a time. This is called the Trishoola Kumbhaka – the remover of triple sufferings – as explained by the Thrishooli Shiva.

Step 4 Trinetra Kumbaka

Step No. 4  Do the Trinetra Kumbaka

Continue in Padmasana or Vajrasana, next…

•    Inhale through the LEFT nostril
•    Hold your breath as long as you can
•    Then without exhalation, inhale through the RIGHT nostril
•    Hold your breath as long as you can
•    Again, without exhalation, inhale through BOTH the nostrils and hold as long as you can
•    Then slowly exhale through the LEFT nostril
•    Do this for 7 minutes continuously

Once 7 minutes are over, relax and just sit silently for a about 7 minutes.
Allow whatever is happening in you to happen. Enjoy the intense experience of vibrating silence.

Learn more about Trinetra Kumbaka

Kumbaka Paddhathi, verse 192
Sakruth Chandrena Chaapoorya
Dhaarya Sooryena Poorayeth
Niyamya Poorayennobhyaam
Dhaarayithvaa Yathaa-Vidhi ||
Thrinethra-Kumbhakaha Prokthaha
Thrinethrena Thrisiddhidhaha ||192||

Having inhaled through the left nostril and retained, inhale through the right nostril. Having then inhaled through both the nostrils, retain the breath (all these in one shot before exhalation). This is the Trinetra Kumbhaka – the giver of three siddhis – as explained by the three-eyed Shiva.

Guidelines for Kriyas

• All kriyas are to be done with empty stomach. About 2 hours gap between food and kriya practice is good.
• Experience speaks for itself. Do the NewgeN Kriya for atleast 21 days regularly.

DISCLAIMER: This technique is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical diagnosis or treatment. Individuals with any type of medical condition, the elderly, children below 14, women who are pregnant or suspect they may be pregnant are advised to seek professional medical advice before practicing this technique. Viewers who are not on two-way video conferencing are cautioned that they are practicing these techniques at their own risk.



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