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May 5, 2012

Change Your Habits, Moods Anytime Anywhere

Most of us have no control over our mind. We have heard people talk about it, but we have only heard of it, we have never practiced it. We have never experienced it.

Control over the mind is one of the things we hear about. We wouldn’t dream of practicing it. When we hear of something that is beyond the realm of our experience, we decide that the statement is wrong or that it is not for us.

Here is an example: You decide to attend a meditation camp for 10-days. Your spouse has not said anything and there is no negative body language or verbal arguments in this matter.

What happens when you are at the retreat and in a joyful mood? A thought of your spouse wriggles into your mind. Your energy will change and you mood will transform. Your memory which is just a thought, triggers so many reactions in you. It lands you in a low energy field and negative mood.

Awareness is the basis, the focus and the goal of meditation.

Flood your life with Awareness

This is real. Others can and do influence our mind. They need not express their thoughts and we need not meet the person physically. Even a memory can trigger this energy pattern.

Can we control the mind without allowing thoughts from outside to influence us?

The best way to change this thought structure is to become aware. When we are aware of our thoughts, we can change the mood or habit – we can choose to be happy!

So be ‘Intelligent’. Flood your life with awareness. Then every moment becomes a possibility to experience real happiness.

Meditation Technique to ‘Be Free from Your Mind’

Watch your body, watch your thoughts, watch your emotions. In other words, become aware.

Awareness is the basis, the focus and the goal of meditation. Awareness is your key-word.

When you start watching something, you become the witness, you become an outsider. You drop your identification with the thing that you are observing. By and by, come to see that it is something outside of yourself.

Becoming aware of your body, your mind, your emotions, you become free of them.

Awaken your intelligence, your consciousness.

Watch the actions of your body as if you were an outsider and you will drop  your body.

Watch your insane racing thoughts – and you will drop your identification with your thoughts.

Watch your fickle, changing emotions – and you will realise that you are not your thoughts.

Just with deep awareness you can become Free.



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