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Want to Forget Your Ex, Y, or Z?

Okey, so you are reading this because you are hung upon your ex ? Are you going through a break up? Wish you could erase all memories from your mind, and free yourself? Or feel like getting another new beau to forget the old? P...
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Have the Courage for Extraordinary Powers?

Karma means exhausting your body by work, and exhausting your mind and confidence by taking risks. Risky decisions, next, next, next, next, next. Body which has never moved or made to work, what is going to happen? It’ll just...
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Marriage is a Sacred Institution

Just Married, but feel its a Mistake?

Question – We’ve been married only a short time but I am already beginning to feel I have made a mistake. As a matter of fact, I am afraid I ended up with the wrong person. What do I do now? Avatar Answers – First thing, ...
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Imagination v/s Dreaming

Question – What is the difference between Imagining and dreaming? Imagination and dreaming…. They are two different things. Imagination is different from dreaming. Imagination is like creating your own future. The word ...
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