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Stress, the Modern Day Scientific Myth

irst thing, I want to tell very clearly, any stress is healthy when you accept stress. Stress is unhealthy only when you have the concept you may burst at some point. If you feel, if you believe, if I accumulate more and more s...
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Conquer Your Sleep like Arjuna

I sometimes feel shocked on seeing how people get up from the bed and say, “Oh God, I am so tired.” What foolishness! I simply become confused looking at people sleeping until lunch time! What is the need? Insomnia ...
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Stop Sleeping Start Recieving

Stop Sleeping, Start Receiving

A fish lives in water. It doesn’t breathe through the nose as you think. It breathes through its gills which absorb the oxygen dissolved in water. You don’t absorb energy through food, air and water as you think. You a...
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