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Aghori – Do It Simply

May 5, 2012

Combat Depression with Knowledge Weapons

Combat Depression with Knowledge Weapons

The knowledge of the truth is what I call ‘Knowledge Weapons’ or ‘Shaastra Shastra’.

Whenever depression attacks you, suffering attacks you;
life brings different scenes in front of you,
this shastra-shastra, knowledge weapon, can be so powerful that you can just come out of any depression.

The more and more “Shaastra Shastras” (knowledge weapons) you have, naturally the depression will have fear about you!

It is just like, if you have a huge army, naturally the other country will be afraid of attacking you. You don’t even have to attack. The moment you show your power, the other country will think twice before attacking you.

Let the Depression have fear to come near you!

In the same way, the more and more you accumulate the self-healing thoughts, the knowledge weapons, ‘Shaastra Shastras’ inside your system, you will see that depression will have fear to come near you.

Even now, the Truths which I am sharing may be little strong. But I tell you, if you want the Truth to do the process of healing in you, it has to be digested and internalized.


Aghori- Do It Simply Technique

An Enlightened Master’s Words are the knowledge weapons that can slay the deep ignorance within and bring the light of enlightenment.

To acquire your ultimate knowledge weapons to fight, slay, and destroy your negative emotions, patterns, be it depression, addiction or lust, simply sit in satsang (sitting with the Truth) everyday with Paramahamsa Nithyananda on at 7.00 am IST. You don’t need any other training, emotional healing, counseling or spiritual practice.

Have all your knowledge weapons, right here, right now!





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