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Aghori – Do It Simply

April 28, 2012

Work-Out Routine for Your Mind and Body

The real scope of action means exhausting your confidence, the courage to take the decisions which exhaust your confidence.

If you have the confidence to jump seven feet, exhaust that confidence by jumping nine feet. In every level, in every step, exhausting the confidence.

Karma means exhausting your courage by every decision. Every decision makes you feel the shoulder pain and exhaustion – “Oh God, I can’t take anymore decisions, I’m going to collapse”. Then again next moment, the next decision you take should make you collapse.

Just like workout for body, this is workout for mind.
It’s like workout only. First, you use 10kg dumb-bells, you feel you’ll collapse, you can’t handle the pain. But one day you handle the pain, and work out, your stamina increases, next day you can lift 20kg.

I tell you, every time when you stand the decision, which makes you feel like you’ll collapse, your shoulder becomes more strong.

Same way, today you take one risk. Jump!
Your mind says “no, I’m exhausted, I’m collapsing”. Handle!

Next day you will take a stronger risk, stronger risk decisions.

So, continue to make decisions, continuously take challenges. It’s like today you lift 10 kg and once your muscles are built, then you will be able to lift 20 kg.

Then, next day you will have more courage and more confidence, take better decisions. Don’t say today if I lift 10 kg dumb-bells, then I will be tired once and for all, and next day I wont have any energy. No. Next day you will have more energy to lift 15 kg or 20 kg.

Same way take the decisions to exhaust your confidence. Have courage to exhaust your confidence.


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