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April 26, 2012

Science of Intense Action

I am defining the science of Intense Action. Constantly, intensely, continuously, taking new new challenges, and new new possibilities is what I define as Action.

Action means opening new, new possibilities in you. Opening new, new challenges in you. Very beautifully Osho says “don’t travel in the same path second time”. It’s a Taoist saying, even if it is a wrong path, travel in the new path. Even if it’s a right path, don’t go second time in the same path. A little extreme!

Life, the juice of life, constantly oozes in your being, the nectar–amrita, constantly oozes out of your being, only if you explore the new new possibilities.






I’ll define living human being. Living human being should be a person who wakes up like a flower, with all courage, strength, and confidence to explore the new leaf of life.

Explore so intensely, take such strong risks, by night you should wither away, fall asleep.

Living in utter insecurity is Living Enlightenment. Live in utter insecurity. Show the power of enlightenment to people.

Next day morning again, wake up.
In the night, if you are not withering away, you have not used all your confidence.
You have not used all your courage.
By night you should wither away.
Means taking all extreme decisions, steps.

Action means morning waking up with a full fresh life, by night all the decisions you take, the risks you take, the confidence you exhaust, should exhaust your whole life.

You should wither away and fall like a flower.
That night you should become manure, support for the plant.
Next day morning again new flower happens.

This is what exactly is life!
This is what exactly is living!
This is what exactly is action!



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