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May 7, 2012

The New Generation of 3D Human to 4D Divine

From Despression, Drugs, Death 3D to 4D, Divine

How I want the new generation to be? Rather I can say what kind of new generation I am going to create?
Because I don’t stop with want to be, I just create what I want. I never stop with the idea, “I want this, I want that”, and expect somebody else to take the responsibility.

No. I want NewGen to be completely stable and established about their identity with themselves, experientially, about their identity with the people with whom you are living, about your identity with the human society and the universe.

What you are feeling like doing, what you want to do, how you are going to do, the whole thing should be in a line.

The new generation should be very clear about themselves, what they want to do, what they are feeling like doing.

The problem is many times what they are feeling like doing, they know,
what they want to do, they don’t know or
how they are going to do they don’t know.


Ride the 2012 Spiritual Wave with Paramahamsa Nithyananda

Youth was never this messed ever earlier on the planet earth because all the mechanisms which give little bit of training from the young age is completely broken.

One unfortunate thing because of this is you guys stand as policy orphans, identity orphans, and cultural orphans. One fortunate thing is because of this you can become enlightened.

One unfortunate thing, because of this all the mechanisms which train people are broken, you became identity orphans, cultural orphans, policy orphans. You walk in front of huge temples, which the whole country has built, but you do not even know why it is standing, what it means, what it means for your society.

The new generation should be very responsible about what they are creating around themselves. Not just constantly fighting with others or fighting with themselves, not just constantly cribbing about the world.

See modern youth means constantly complaining, easily dissatisfied, and feeling miserable, unfortunate about the whole world. That is what has become modern day youth. See the common picture of modern youth – depressed, drunk, dying.

The Modern day Indian youth, not only the Indian youth, the whole world’s modern day youth are wasting and abusing life in depression, drugs and suicide death. They are suffering with this 3D.

I want to show them the fourth D – 4D, the divine. The fourth dimension of life is Divine. The highest possibility of being human is Divine.

So get out of this 3D problem. Drug, Depression, Death and get into the fourth D.


Enter the 4D – from human to Divine

2012 is going to raise the consciousness in a very big way. Modern day youth who are interested and capable to use that spiritual wave, they will save themselves and save the world. If not they will be dropouts not using that spiritual wave which will lead to more depression, drug and death for the modern youth.

As I said 2012 is going to create a thoughtless space. If you accustom yourself to that space you will be living a divine life, or this 3D –  Depression, Drug, and Death. Save yourself and the world.

Enter into the fourth dimension of life – the 4D – Divine, being a NewgeN, inspired, empowered and engaged youth!

Be an Aghori! Be a NewgeN!



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