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Beauty and Grace

May 9, 2012

Discover Grace, the Real Beauty

With what scale are you measuring beauty? There is no scale. It is all your own ideas and concepts. When you start longing for other people’s bodies, you create a wedge inside yourself. You create a split personality inside yourself. Slowly, you start hating yourself.

First of all understand that God is an artist, not an engineer. If he was an engineer, he would have made every woman or every man with the same mould. He would have probably made every woman with the mould of a Miss World and every man in the mould of a Mr. Universe.

Do you know, the eyes that don’t linger on another’s body have a certain beauty and innocence in them?

Have faith in what God has done to you. It is only when you don’t have that faith, you try to update yourself by indulging in all sorts of methods.

When you accept yourself completely, a certain grace comes to you. This grace is far more superior to mere physical beauty.

Physical beauty is one thing while grace in another.
Physical beauty can be achieved by any means, but Grace is something that comes

– where there is tremendous confidence and calmness in you,

– when there is no craving in you,

– when you are completely at ease with your body.


It is very important to live with your own body. The moment you think that another’s body or another’s dimensions are more attractive, you create a gap between yourself and your body.

None of us deeply love our body. We carry it like a load. We are never inside our body because we hate it. We are everywhere else except in our bodies. We therefore have a continuous uneasiness in us and are ready to burst at any time. At work, you are continuously in an irritable mood. Don’t think the reason for this lies with the people around you.

People tell me, “Swamiji, all my workers are so inefficient and that is why I get irritated.” Please understand that this is not the reason for your irritability. You are not at ease with your body and that is what causes the uneasiness and irritation in your system. It is a very subtle reason and that is why it is difficult to perceive it.

When you become self-conscious, you are living and yet not living. It is like a barrier to your beauty and grace. Look at animals and nature. They flow so beautifully and freely. Why is it so?
Because they are not self-conscious. The moment you start thinking that people are watching you, ego has stepped in and you lose your natural beauty. The self-conscious ego is all the time calculating the pros and cons in everything. It is all the time weighing others’ eyes and opinions and losing out on its own freedom.

Your mind always stands between you and Existence. Once you are beyond your mind and see the beauty of Existence, then gratitude will become your prayer and bliss your being!

You will then enjoy liberation and permanent joy!



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