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Extraordinary Powers

April 28, 2012

Have the Courage for Extraordinary Powers?

Karma means exhausting your body by work, and exhausting your mind and confidence by taking risks. Risky decisions, next, next, next, next, next.

Body which has never moved or made to work, what is going to happen? It’ll just rust and dust, over!
Body which has never been made to work, mind which has never taken the risk is one and the same.


Karma means ability to take decisions which exhaust your confidence. If you are not exhausting your confidence every day, be very clear, your life is going to be like a body which has never moved or made to work.

See, if you are not radiating extraordinary powers and energies, then all your courage, all your theories about the spiritual practice, struggle, everything is just your fantasies. Maybe conveniently convincing fantasies. If you are radiating at least one extraordinary power like ¬

– you’ve gone beyond sleep, You may sleep, but sleeping is not binding you.
– you’ve gone beyond hunger. You may eat, but eating is not binding you.
– Same way 24 hours, whatever may be the situation, the Ajapa Japa is happening.

Something like this, at least one extraordinary power, one extraordinary capacity, only if that is exploding in you, radiating in you, I can say your seeking has some depth. Your sacrifice has a reason.

You are having the courage, you are taking risks.

Be the God of Your Life

Unfortunately, organization stops you taking that risk. Understand, Action is exhausting the confidence. Even if you are inside an organization, let your heart be above the organization, not below, above the organization. Above the organization means, you don’t hate the organization, you run the organization, but you are always free and beyond the organization. You are always free, unbound by the organization.


ny man who lives just as disorganized, lives like an animal and dies.
One who lives organized, lives like a mediocre human being and dies.


ne who lives in organization, beyond organized
by exhausting his body through intense work,
by exhausting his mind by taking intense risks and courageous decisions,
he lives a God and never dies.



From Live Satsangs by Paramahamsa Nithyananda



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