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May 5, 2012

Awaken the Genius in You, Stop Day-Dreaming


here is a great fear, “If I stop day-dreaming, how will I do my next planning? What should my next plans be? How do I invest my time?…”

You can see: if your workers or subordinates successfully convince you that without them your business cannot run, they will then start exploiting you. In the same way, your mind has convinced you that without it, you cannot run your life. That conviction is what I call suffering. This is what I call the root of suffering.

You may ask, how do I plan for tomorrow?

I tell you, when I say that you can live without your day-dreaming, I really mean it.

Usually you are not planning, you are only worrying. And even with your planning, you are only reproducing the past into the future. You are limiting your growth by planning, because you do not have courage to live with your spontaneous vision, with the spontaneous revelations happening in your life.
Constantly you are struggling with your day-to-day planning and your life.

Only the people who have the courage to trust their vision and their spontaneity become geniuses.

Please understand, a little courage from your part to enter into the life without day-dreaming can just revolutionize your life. I can say this is what I call ‘Psychological Revolution’.
Stop Day Dreaming and Be A Genius

Technique to Awaken the Visionary, Genius in you

Just try this for ten days. In ten days, I don’t think your whole life will be taken away from you, then it it not worth having, let it be taken away! So just try for ten days – life without day-dreaming. Suddenly, you will see the quality of spontaneity; you will suddenly see that the visionary in you has awakened.

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