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August 27, 2012

Stress-less Leadership

If you take decisions consciously, you will never have any stress. Stress is realized only when you take decisions unconsciously: engrams interfere with your decision-making capacity. Engrams are ‘engraved memories’ or ‘past memories’ that distort or disturb your decision-making capacity.

If things are straight-forward, you can take thousands of decisions, and yet be completely relaxed. You life will flow like a river! But if you are filled with engrams, after taking just two or three decisions, you will be completely tired.

You don’t even have to work, just sit on your chair and think about the work, and within half an hour, you will have shoulder pain! This means you are caught with engrams. They do not allow you to take decisions.

When the file on which a decision has to be taken takes a quantum leap from the mind to the decision making zone what we call ‘ego’, each engram writes its opinion on the file! The more number of engrams, the more number of decisions. So when the file reaches the ego, it is completely confused.

When there are 300 opinions on the file, what decision will you take? Your ego will only say, ‘Do whatever you want, just leave me alone’. You don’t have patience to take any decision. As a result, decisions are taken in a very haphazard manner, without any clarity.

If you continuously take decisions without any clarity, and you are sitting on a leader’s chair, be very clear, not only will you be suffering, you will me making others also suffer!

Everyone is a leader in one way or another. Either you are the leader of your team or you are the leader of your house. In one way or the other, you are a leader. One more thing: a person who is caught in engrams, is always suffering with engraved memories. He can never relax or have a vacation.

You can see in your life, early in the morning, when you wake up and go from your bed to the bathroom, you might start brushing your teeth, but your mind will already be at the beach. If you are sitting at the beach and relaxing, your mind will already be in the house.

One thing is certain – if your body is here, your mind is not here!

A person filled with engrams can never relax. If a person is not in a relaxed state of mind, how can we expect creativity or unbiased decision-making from him? One, who is caught in his engrams, can neither have a vacation, nor can he live life completely. He will only be passing judgment about each and everything and collecting more engrams.

Drop Your Judgment About You
If you just drop your judgment about yourself, about the people around you and the situations, you will be free from stress and decisions will simply happen in you consciously and effortlessly. You will start enjoying life as it is and not worry about how it should be.


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