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September 3, 2012

Dis-cover your Own Career, Own your Life

Quest – My parents disapprove of my career choice.  How can I do what I want but also keep a happy relationship with them?  Is it even possible? 

 Avatar Answers – If you want my honest answer, the parents need to understand kids should take the risks in their life. Parents are expected to be a safety net when the kids take the risk, not the stopping nuts. A real father or mother should not be continuously a stopping nut – ‘don’t do’, ‘don’t do’, ‘don’t do’, ‘don’t do’. This song of don’t do, don’t do.

Come on, if you are a parent, if you feel you child is taking a risk, your son or daughter is doing something on their own in their career choice or anything related to their life’s decisions – many times about job, marriage, love affair, so many things – don’t constantly sing this song of “don’t do”.

Parents, Don’t Sing the Song of “Don’t Do”, “Don’t Do” 

I tell you, when you are not letting your child take some risks in their career, you are completely destroying the self-confidence, understanding, and responsibility of that child.

Your son or daughter, their way of responding is always taking responsibility. See when a child grows, it’ll try to taste everything. Anything it sees.

I remember very clearly, when I was growing up. It is a village house where I was born and brought up. They will paint that village lime. I still remember, I’ll apply that lime as vibhooti (sacred ash) in the morning and put little in the mouth and taste. It will be very tasty. Child tries to taste everything. That is the way it starts growing. You give a toy – it will put in the mouth. That is the way it knows how to feel it. Same way when you grow up, you try to experiment with things. When the parents start singing the ‘don’t do’ song, the possibilities of the children is completely destroyed.

Be a Safety Net Support – the Real Responsibility of Parents

One thing I neither heard in my life, nor ready to listen in my life is ‘don’t do’.

I neither heard from my parents, nor ready to listen – this ‘don’t do’.

Parents need to understand, you need to give a space for your kids to experiment, to play with life. If you really have concern, be a safety net, take care even if they fall, they are not damaged, you are there as a support. That is the responsibility of parents.

The problem is, nowadays the parents have started behaving like a business, “If you do this way, then I am there with you, if not, forget about me and my support.” It is more or less blackmailing. For that you don’t need a father or mother. For blackmailing, your boss is enough. Your boss will do that job.

I have created a beautiful bouquet of life, life philosophy for myself. Just understand these strong teachings, Truths, and experiment then courageously in your life.

1. Give a Big NO to all “isms”, all Beliefs, all Religions, all Concepts of Money

I tell you – O modern Newgen youth, if you want to stop the nervous breakdown happening in you, understand, very intensely the nervous breakdown is happening to modern youth. If you want to avoid the nervous breakdown, which causes 3D – depression, drug, death; not only that, many other neurological disorders, even for health reasons, I tell you, give a big ‘No’ to all these “isms” – capitalism, communism, socialism and all religions, all economic beliefs, all social systems. Just say NO to it.
Travel for one year to different parts of your country. If you are in India, you don’t need to go around different parts of the world.  Different parts of the country is enough.

2. Take Lifestyle Risks – Travel for One Year, Drop Everything taught to you by Society.

Travel for 1 year in India, the Miniature of Cosmos | Nithyananda at Kailasha

India is a miniature of the Cosmos. Every 100 kms you will have a different thought trend, way of living, dressing style, eating style, different religion. You have such a rich country. If you are from other parts of the world, travel to different countries. If you are from India, travel all over India.

Try to say ‘No’ to the concept of money taught to you by society.
Try to drop every concept taught to you by society – security, insecurity, love, compassion, whatever;
even the ideas about God, Guru, everything.
Drop everything taught to you by society.
Try to travel. I tell you, you will create a beautiful new life philosophy for yourself.
That new life philosophy which you create for yourself will be so strong, so solid. You will discover life. 

3. Dis-cover your Own Discoveries. Create the New Philosophy of your Life. 

See, if this light is discovered by somebody, you don’t need to re-work. It is matter, dead matter. If somebody else discovers, you can use it.

But, in life you cannot use somebody else’s discovery. You need to discover. Only your discoveries will help in your life. This is such a strong teaching.

All these so-called parents get shaken. They say ‘don’t go to Nithyananda’. Why? – he will make you intelligent, which is too much risk.

World cannot handle too many intelligent people. Because, the more the fools, you have more clerks, more IT engineers.

All that foolish things you do. I am not asking you to take those risks, that is like trying to live on your adrenaline. No. Lifestyle risks – risks in your thought process, risks in creating the philosophy of your life, risks in rediscovering your life.

So understand, Youth should rediscover their life by taking various risks and new responsibilities, and parents are expected to support, be a safe net, if not, at least don’t be a hindrance.



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