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May 10, 2012

My Future in My Hands – Vibhooti

Yoga Teacher

I had a pretty good life – lots of traveling, entertainment, sports and friends. Almost every day I was doing internal calculations of what I’ve done and how much I’ve seen, where I’ve been and what I’ve accomplished.

I felt a sense of contentment when I put a tick next to the things I have “done“.

But all throughout my life somewhere deep inside of me was a question which I wasn’t even aware of. The question was – Is this It? Is this all that is supposed to be called a “happy life”?

Day by day I was trying to convince myself that I lived a happy life, where deep inside I was dry. My contentment was no way fulfillment. The satisfaction of life, the juice of life was missing. My happiness was only skin deep.

After Meeting Swamiji

After I met Swamiji my world started to shift. I stopped doing many things that were just a superficial need to be “in” or approved of, I started to be authentic with who I was and who and what I cared for.

I started discovering my true self, I started to ask myself questions about life like: why I am here, what do I want to achieve by all of this, why am I living? The path of self discovery took me over ranges of different things: I started writing creative articles to inspire other people on the path I started walking and it was helping me further and further discover who I was. I started doing lots of yoga and found many new friends.

A new community started to build around me and I was led to people and situations that were slowly giving me answers that I needed. Magic started to happen!

Now I can tell that I am a free being. I live a life of Jeevan Mukta.

There is need to pretend to be who I am not but without being careless, there is no conflict between what I want and what I do. I learned to align my life with my mission, with my vision of who I want to be and feel.  Life is carrying me on its back like a wave of an ocean carries a surfer. I am sliding through life in joy, eN-joying the path and understanding, that making the path an enjoyable one is the goal.

Dear youth, the answer to your future is in your hands. Look no outside for answers, for what you will receive there are only manufactured dreams that will misguide you.

Awaken to your own inner potential, start discovering who you are. Paramahamsa Nithyananda will show you the way!

The way out is IN!

Ma Nithya Vibhooti
Yoga Teacher


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