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Aghori – Do It Simply

May 3, 2012

The Art of Remembering

Only you think that you are complete,
That there is no need for meditation in you.
But what you don’t know is that your being
Is capable of much much more.

Meditation will take you through a cluster of emotions. You will suddenly come to a peak of emotions in minutes, and suddenly you will become normal. This is the beauty of meditation. You go through so many emotions, that suddenly you realise that you are beyond all emotions.

While in meditation, many emotions will arise. Don’t go along with them. Watch all your emotions go by in front of you. Feel as if your emotions are a television program and you, the witness, remain completely cool; simply watching everything.

Don’t create a thought.

Don’t follow a thought.

Don’t stop a thought.

Witness and witness.

Your cluster of emotions will finally be understood and they will dissolve.

Try it!

You are the ultimate embodiment of love, of compassion, of bliss.
You have forgotten how to express it.

Meditation is a process of remembering, of going back to your roots.

Spend half an hour for meditation a day and this will give you the power of expression.

Aghori – Do It Simply Tip
Start meditating in the presence of Living Avatar, Paramahamsa Nithyananda at daily Satsang (sitting with the Truth) from 7am IST at All you need is an Anderiod. Experience the true power of meditation, and remember yourself again. Don’t miss the satsang even if death comes.It will wait.



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