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Love and Sex

September 2, 2012

How to be a Perfect Lover & Radiate Pure Love

What is love? How can I experience true love? Is it love or lust? How do I go beyond lust? How do I get over possessiveness of my beloved?

I will talk about different dimensions of love – how love has become this matter and how the love resides as energy inside this matter and how love activates as energy the matter and how love makes matter to move.

Talking about love is almost talking about the whole cosmos, whole universe.

All the energies which move the cosmos, the very force, very life, very energy, which is cosmos, can be called as Love. I can say, the beginning and continuous flow and end, everything is Love. The very life force is Love. 

The different levels, dimensions of love, if we understand, you can understand in which level we are. In which dimension of love you are experiencing, in which level we need to move, which dimension we need to experience and how our being can become more and more blissful and spiritual, experiential – that is the main thing.

True experience of Love at any level leads you to Higher Love

Understand, whenever you experience love even if it is in the lowest form as you think, the moment you experience, the very experience leads you to the next level of love.
For example, if you experience very low level of love, the crude level, just the physical level, if you really experience without any layer between you and that experience, suddenly that very experience makes you go to the next level, the higher level.

So, whether it is lower or middle or higher or highest, any form, the love is experienced, it leads you to the higher level.

That is why in Tantra, they say, even if you go through a physical experience without any conditioning, simple pure experience, suddenly you will see you are transported to the higher dimension of love, higher dimensions of love.

But without experiencing, if you are just intellectualizing, just going on thinking, thinking, thinking, even if you are thinking about the highest form of love, just thinking will not make you experience.

Love is God – Not just a declaration but a technique also

So that is why I feel more comfortable to say, love is God than ‘Prajnanam Brahma’.‘Prajnanam Brahma’ means ‘that knowledge, consciousness, that is God’. Both means the same. Whether you say, love is God or consciousness is God, both means same. But the word ‘love is God’ can be more applied in your life. The word ‘love is God’ is not just a declaration, it is a technique also.

If you start experiencing love, even in the lowest form directly, it will lead you to the higher and higher and higher spaces. If you are only intellectualizing, conceptualizing, thinking, about the love in the highest form, it won’t be leading you anywhere.
That is why people who go on thinking, ‘Prajnanam Brahma’, consciousness is God, knowledge is God, super-consciousness is God, they go on creating the different, different, intellectual layers, but never experience love.
Only personalities like Adi Shankara*(great Enlightened Master), who experienced love, when He says, ‘Prajnanam Brahma’, it is experience, it is Truth. Ordinarily, without experiencing the love, if you just go on repeating the word, ‘the higher consciousness is God,’ ‘Prajnanam Brahma’, it is just nothing but a word, verbal game, pundits playing.

Why are we not able to Experience Love?

So first start experiencing the love, even if it is in the lowest form. In whatever form it is available in your inner space, start living it.

Because the conditioning senses have become impure and lost the ability. The big problem is, we have too much of conditionings. Our own layer which makes us insensitive to the love.

First thing, your body is insensitive because of conditionings. Your senses have lost the ability to experience love.

I have seen people, they know everything about these trees and forests, but they can’t enjoy the tree or the forest or the tree or mountain or nature. They can enjoy the photographs of the nature. But they can’t enjoy the real nature. When they are really in the nature, they are suddenly at loss. They can’t be, they can’t rest, they can’t relax, they can’t be at ease.

Super-conscious energy sucks you to its zone wherever, however, whenever you purely experience the Experience

So you need to understand this one important Truth:

The super-conscious energy sucks you to its zone wherever, however, whenever you purely experience the experience. When you purely experience, when it is purely experienced, the experience is sucked into the super-consciousness.

The first reason why we don’t experience the experience in its purest form – the first reason is the impure body, the senses are impure. Body is impure and senses are impure.

Please understand, all our senses have lost its purity. You can see in your life, the ability to smell is lost, how the animals have the ability to see in the night is lost.

Human system is the best possible system which has all possible intelligence put together.

Even animal is able to see in the night. If our system is much better than the animal system, why we are not able to see in the night?

Slowly, slowly, we started moving away from the eyes. Even though you think you are seeing through the eyes, there are many layers of conditioning. That is why only when you feel hungry, you will see the restaurant boards.Only when you are hungry, you will see the McDonald’s tower.

Understand, you started missing your eyes. You started escaping from your nose. You started escaping from your ears. started escaping from your touch.

Purify your Senses, Be Alive in Every Sense to Experience Pure Love

You can see in your life, when you touch somebody, you are not comfortable. When you look into somebody’s eyes, you are not comfortable.

When somebody looks into your eyes, you are not comfortable. You never wanted to be near somebody, to smell that person. Or you don’t feel comfortable when you think that somebody is near your smelling distance, in your prana shareera, in your breathing space.

First thing you need to do if you want to experience love, purify your senses – means be alive in every sense.

If you are looking look – intensely.

Our senses have lost its Truth. Our senses have lost its purity.

If you are smelling, smell – intensely. If you are listening, listen – intensely.
If you are touching, touch – intensely. If you are tasting, taste – intensely.

Simple Technique to Radiate Love & Heal Others

A simple technique I can give you to heal others: when you want to heal, put your hand on the person. Just only feel the area your body is touching his body. Just be alive only in that zone, forget all other parts of your body and his body. Just be that touch.

You will see, whenever you become just the touch, your love oozes out, radiates, through that touch. When you become just the look, your look will radiate love. When you become just the listening, your listening will radiate love. Just radiate love through the touch, just become the touch.

You will heal the other being. You will heal the other person. You will radiate love. You will just radiate life.

So first thing you need to do is purify your senses. Understand, if your senses are purified, you will experience love directly. The important obstruction will be removed.

So, when the love happens in you, just be in Pure Love.

Watch the Ultimate understanding of LOVE…

Know the Master
Adi Shankaracharya – A Great Enlightened Master, incarnation of Lord Shiva in 8th century. He is the founding reviver of ‘Advaita Vendata’, the non-dualistic philosophy of Vedic Tradition. In just 32 extraordinary years of mortal life, he initiated one of the largest lineage of ‘Shankara Mutts’, monastaries, and ‘Shankaracharyas’, the spiritual teachers to revive the Vedic Tradition. He also established the importance of monastic life as sanctioned in the Upanishads and Brahma Sutra. Shankara Bhagavadpaada wrote copious commentaries (Bhasyas) on the Vedic scriptures, and major devotional hyms (stotras). He is believed to be the organizer of the Dashanami monastic order and the founder of the Shanmata tradition of worship.



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