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May 10, 2012

Depression, Stress has No Meaning – Ridhi

Before, Ridhi used to have conflicts with her family. Her relationship with her parents and brother wasn’t very good, and now, ours is a stable family. All of us have done Inner Awakening program and we are living Swamiji’s teachings. We love having family time.

Depression, stress, pressure, boredom, etc. has no meaning in Ridhi’s life. Non-suffering has become her religion. Ridhi is able to handle, go through all kinds of situations smoothly without getting affected by it mentally or emotionally.
The self confidence, peace, bliss, high energy, etc that Ridhi has gained is just immeasurable

Ridhi has learnt that Life is Bliss. Ridhi now enjoys everything that she does.

Inner Awakening (IA) is the best gift Ridhi has given herself. Looking back at the whole experience, Ridhi can say that IA was not a mere 21 day program for her, the experience, the spiritual growth only started from there; it’s an ongoing process for life.

Inner Awakening is the best gift Ridhi has given herself.

Karnataka, India



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