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June 25, 2012

Stress, the Modern Day Scientific Myth

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irst thing, I want to tell very clearly, any stress is healthy when you accept stress. Stress is unhealthy only when you have the concept you may burst at some point. If you feel, if you believe, if I accumulate more and more stress, at some point I may burst. No…

Stress is disease based on belief, if you are very clear no amount of stress is going to make you burst.

Stress is not like a steam, understand, you visualize stress is like a steam. More steam, more steam, more steam, one day the boiler will explode. No.

Every night when you sleep, boiler will be emptied again. Every sleep is a stress-buster. How much you can build in one day. Nothing. You are not that intelligent. Even your stress building level, is only mediocre level. Understand, it is wrong ideas about stress that need to be burst, first.

Stress-busting is nothing but bursting the wrong ideas you carry about stress. I wanted to make it very clear these are all called modern day scientific myths ­­– myths from the psychology, superstitions from psychiatry promoted by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung, the most superstitious people on planet earth, unfortunately got more media attention. The theory of accumulating the stress is invented by pharmacist companies, mental health care business people.

The idea of stress that if you accumulate stress you will be suffering is wrong.

Your ideas about your stress need to be burst first. The moment you understand this, the pain will really become sweet pain, and after that even in the sweet pain, the pain will disappear and just only the sweetness will remain.

Pain becomes sweet pain, and in the sweet pain, pain disappears and sweet remains.



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