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May 3, 2012

Just Married, but feel its a Mistake?

Marriage is a Sacred Institution

Question We’ve been married only a short time but I am already beginning to feel I have made a mistake. As a matter of fact, I am afraid I ended up with the wrong person. What do I do now?

Avatar Answers –

First thing, changing the person is not going to work for you.
If you asked the same question to me before the marriage, my answer would have been different. I would have said, “alright this is not the right person for you, escape”.

It is time you understand and alter your patterns.
Look into the depths of your being and transform you.

But now as you already committed in marriage, I would recommend you trying to change you because all your concepts, ideas, makes the other person look wrong. Your fantasies only make the other person look wrong.

I feel the fear you are having now shows the love has come down, the love has reduced.
Now it is time for you to work and develop the trust which is beyond love and transform you.

Move from Honeymoon to Enlightenment

Please understand when you marry, first one year enjoy the romance.
From the second year, use the whole thing for enlightenment.
Once the honeymoon is over, now start the process of enlightenment, transforming yourself.

So, I’ll only recommend transformation from your side then changing the other person. I might have suggested the change if you had asked before the marriage.

But marriage is such a sacred institution. When you commit after that the only possibility should be your transformation. Other than that, all other doors should be closed. You should not even think of any other doors.

When God understood that he cannot be continuously available to everybody in the form of Guru, he created the system for everybody to evolve, that is marriage.



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